Statins To Lower Cholesterol Are Not a Panacea:

I’m sure that many of you read about the study showing that Crestor, a popular statin drug manufactured by AstraZeneca, has been found to confer an additional and potentially even greater benefit than its ability to lower cholesterol. Researchers, funded by AstraZeneca, wanted to explain why half of the people who have heart attacks and strokes also have low cholesterol. They set out to determine whether inflammation, as measured by a C-reactive protein test (CRP), was an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Not surprisingly, they found that it was. They also found that Crestor lowered inflammation. Now, the study’s researchers and others are recommending that anyone with inflammation (elevated CRP) take a statin to prevent heart disease–even those who are healthy and not at risk for heart disease. My advice? Buyer beware!
The study’s so-called medical breakthrough–that reducing inflammation reduces the risk for heart disease–is not new! For years, I, and many credible holistic doctors, have been saying that inflammation, not high cholesterol, is the root cause of heart disease–and all chronic degenerative diseases for that matter. IN FACT A NEW BOOK OUT BY A FRIEND OF MINE DR. STEVEN SINATRA CALLED “THE CHOLESTROL MYTH” ADDRESSES THIS MYTH. I’m glad that this message is getting out. I’m just disappointed that the medical community is looking to solve yet another problem with a pill that suppresses a normal body function, but this isn’t new either.

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