“In 2007 I woke up one morning with an extreme pain in my left eye which was swollen and literally coming out of of its socket , suddenly overnight!

I immediately started seeing several specialists, who suggested getting and MRI and many other test by some of the most popular doctors in Florida.In the meantime an endocrinologist started  treating me for my thyroid,  which was extremely high ( T3–T4 levels)  and I was prescribed a daily dose of  Merthiolate to reduce my immune disorder and balance my hormones , I was diagnosed with an extreme case of hyperthyroidism at the moment  and perhaps a case of  Graves diseases.Since the treatment didn’t work , they increased the dosage but the side effects were horrible and my eye was still in the same state. I consulted a very famous eye specialist , as an alternative , at the Bascom Palmer institute in Miami , who insisted on doing a biopsy due to the severity of my eye bulging out of my head .

He thought perhaps a tumor had grown behind my eye and could not be seen on the previous tests …

A few days before my appointment, I had the chance to meet Douglas Caporrino ,who offered to do a few tests on its own , with my blood out of kindness , since we had just become good friends.The result showed that my blood had been poisoned with a heavy dose of metals such as lead and also Chlorine at a very high level.The water I had been drinking for several months in my condominium in West Palm Beach wasn’t filtered as mentioned and was in fact very lethal , hence my sudden reaction and the thyroid storm .

It took a few months to get back to a normal life and for my eye to return to its normal state due to a very strict diet prescribed by Douglas. I will forever be grateful to him ,For literally charging my life and avoid multiples chirurgies and demonstrate how these famous specialists could be wrong due to their misdiagnosis! Sometime the solution is right in front of you …I am now in perfect health at 49 years old and I do not even wear glasses to read despite this horrible episode .”

Jean Marc

“I never realized how much I didn’t know until I knew. Thanks to your monthly audio magazine I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I could have never read all the research articles that you cover and more importantly I would have no idea where to find them.” Thank you Doug

Lisa Romely, HomeMaker

“I started coaching with Doug about 6 months ago after seeing him speak and have never regretted it one day. I was on 5 different medications and on a downward spiral with my health. Now I am off all my meds and living a happy healthy life I never though possible. God Bless you.”

Michele Labato, 65 years old

“My 6 year old child was told that he had ADD and doctors wanted to put him on all types of meds. I refused and was recommended to Doug. After carefully analyzing his menu , Doug made some simple changes and the whole world changed for my son. He has no signs of ADD today and is an extraordinary student in school.”

Lisa Mateio