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“I have been working with Doug Caporrino for about 9 months.  Initially, I started speaking to him about my 9-yeaer-old son, Drew.  Drew has suffered with a low immune system, allergies, asthma, eczema, and tics for most of his life.  Doug patiently listened and helped me implement changes in our diets and supplements, as I was comfortable with them.  I began seeing Drew’s overall health improve during this process.  He also began speaking to my son; helping him become confidant in who he is and encourages him to make positive changes.  Today Drew is no longer taking allergy shots or allergy medicine.  He has no signs of asthma or eczema whatsoever.  He is healthy, happy and encouraged!  We are still working on some things, but we are unbelievably thankful for the positive changes we have seen so far!
Additionally, Doug has patiently taught me how to prevent and treat sicknesses naturally.  He has taken time to answer questions about my extended family as well.  Every week Doug takes the time to listen, not only to questions I ask him about various health issues, but to the real heart of the matter.  He has become a trusted friend and we think of him as part of our family.  I am beyond thankful to Doug for his patience, compassion, and knowledge!”

– Diana Danion

“I never thought that working out and eating well could be so much fun. Thanks to Doug’s coaching I have finally made fitness and nutrition part of my everyday life”.

– Margret Custer, Homemaker

“I started coaching with Doug about 6 months ago after seeing him speak and have never regretted it one day. I was on 5 different medications and on a downward spiral with my health.
Now I am off all my meds and living a happy healthy life I never though possible. God Bless you.”

– Michele Labato, 65 years old

“My 6 year old child was told that he had ADD and doctors wanted to put him on all types of meds. I refused and was recommended to Doug. After carefully analyzing his menu , Doug made some simple changes and the whole world changed for my son. He has no signs of ADD today and is an extraordinary student in school.”

– Lisa Mateio

“Doug has helped me so much!  He has helped my skin, my tics and my allergies all improve dramatically.  He is kind, loving and helpful to everyone.  I am excited to talk with him every week.  He makes me feel relaxed and encourages me every time we speak.  I trust Doug with all of my heart!”

– Drew Danion (9 years old)

“I never realized how much I didn’t know until I knew. Thanks to your monthly audio magazine I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I could have never read all the research articles that you cover and more importantly I would have no idea where to find them.” Thank you Doug

– Lisa Romely, HomeMaker

“Thanks to Doug’s coaching I’ve gotten rid of more than 22 pounds in just 12 weeks and feel better that I ever have”.

– Kenneth Goulden, Stock Analyst

“Listening to your audio CDs has literally changed my life. Some of the articles that you have covered especially the one on Aspartame ‘have shed so much light on the way I live now.
Thank you so much RTR

– Debbie Pachnick, Student

“Since signing on with Doug my confidence level has increased 10 fold. Doug is not only a genius at fitness and nutrition, he is also a wonderful life coach, thank you “.

– Keith Goldsmith, Corporate CEO

“My child was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Autism and doctors wanted to put him on all types of medications to help with his symptoms. After seeking the help of many different doctors I was introduced to Doug Caporrino. He believed it was something that he was being exposed to. After some extensive diagnostic testing we found out that he was toxic in a heavy metal that was used as a flame retardant in his bed. After chelating the metals out of him and switching to an all organic bed , I am crying as I write this, he is absolutely the picture of health today 3 years later. Thank you Mr. Caporrino.”

– Doris Kazinski


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