Discover how to increase sales, increase results, build relationships and fine tune the way you communicate.

You will walk away from this seminar with a new found sense of understanding how to communicate effectively to employees, employer, loved ones and your children. Ever wonder why people sometimes just don’t get it? Well it’s not about them, it’s about you and how you deliver your message.

Let Doug take you through all the steps to becoming a better communicator and a better person.

In addition to the seminars he gives around the world, Doug also offers a variety of lectures to the general public.

These lectures are typically a few hours in length and cover a number of topics including health, nutrition, awareness and communication.

  • Learn about different personality types and how to become a chameleon.

  • Learn how to listen effectively.

  • Learn when to talk and when to listen.

  • Learn how to figure out the wants and needs of a person.

  • Learn how to read body language.

Some of Doug’s most requested presentations are:

“Cleaning Up Your World”

“Living a Happy and Healthy Life”

“The Power of One”

“The Rising of Wellness”

“Physically Fit means Fiscally Fit”

“Coaching Your Way to Success”

“Supplements Do’s & Don’ts”

“Communication is the Key to All Success”

“You Are What You Eat”