How to Survive and Thrive Long Covid


On 11 March 2020, WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic. This news was followed by chaos and many conspiracy theories. We heard many remedies and cures at home. However, there was no record of the success rate of those
cures. Covid-19 did not spare anyone. We all know someone who struggled with it. Many were able to fight it off easily, while others lost the battle for longer. When Covid-19 hit the author, he experienced the most critical battles of his life. He had to be put on a ventilator which further instigated damage to his body. He decided to take matters
into his own hands rather than rely on heavy drugs. He tested many protocols and formalized the effective ones. Considering the critical condition of the author, he managed to recover from the heavy toll of the disease. In retrospect, the author has documented all the proven
preventive and remedial protocols for Covid-19. The book provides the personal journey of Douglas Caporrino as well as the experiences of his clients while opening the sea of knowledge. It is an informative read to help people with Long Covid and let everyone know

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Content Information Page
# 1 Dedication 1
# 2 Acknowledgment 25
# 3  About the Author 43
# 4 Introduction: Why Am I writing this Book? 51
# 5 Chapter One — Where Do I Begin? 61
# 6 Chapter Two — The History of Covid 65
# 7 Chapter Three — Covid’s Many Faces 69
# 8 Chapter Four — Who Would Have Thought 77
# 9 Chapter Five — The Perfect Storm 81
# 10 Chapter Six — Get Me Out of Here 87
# 11 Chapter Seven — Out of Options 91
# 12 Chapter Eight — COVID-19 deaths or Remdesivir deaths? 95
# 13 Chapter Nine — Why Me? 99
# 14 Chapter Ten — The New Norm 103
# 15 Chapter Eleven — The Long and Winding Road 107
# 16 Chapter Twelve — Tainted Past of Dr. Fauci 111
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