“In 2007 I woke up one morning with an extreme pain in my left eye which was swollen and literally coming out of of its socket , suddenly overnight!

I immediately started seeing several specialists, who suggested getting and MRI and many other test by some of the most popular doctors in Florida.In the meantime an endocrinologist started  treating me for my thyroid,  which was extremely high ( T3–T4 levels)  and I was prescribed a daily dose of  Merthiolate to reduce my immune disorder and balance my hormones , I was diagnosed with an extreme case of hyperthyroidism at the moment  and perhaps a case of  Graves diseases.Since the treatment didn’t work , they increased the dosage but the side effects were horrible and my eye was still in the same state. I consulted a very famous eye specialist , as an alternative , at the Bascom Palmer institute in Miami , who insisted on doing a biopsy due to the severity of my eye bulging out of my head .

He thought perhaps a tumor had grown behind my eye and could not be seen on the previous tests …

A few days before my appointment, I had the chance to meet Douglas Caporrino ,who offered to do a few tests on its own , with my blood out of kindness , since we had just become good friends.The result showed that my blood had been poisoned with a heavy dose of metals such as lead and also Chlorine at a very high level.The water I had been drinking for several months in my condominium in West Palm Beach wasn’t filtered as mentioned and was in fact very lethal , hence my sudden reaction and the thyroid storm .

It took a few months to get back to a normal life and for my eye to return to its normal state due to a very strict diet prescribed by Douglas. I will forever be grateful to him ,For literally charging my life and avoid multiples chirurgies and demonstrate how these famous specialists could be wrong due to their misdiagnosis! Sometime the solution is right in front of you …I am now in perfect health at 49 years old and I do not even wear glasses to read despite this horrible episode .”

Jean Marc

Client Success

A 44 year young female comes to me 6 months ago who has had a long standing history of chronic pain.

Her physiatrist has been giving her chronic pain medication. She complained about not being unable to think of words during normal conversations.

She was taking Citalopram Hydrobromide tablets (40mg, 1po qd), Duragesic Transdermal system (50mg, one patch q 48 hours), Fentanyl Transdermal system (25MCG/H, one patch q 48 hours), Flonase (generic ok, 1-2 sprays in each nostril bid), Frova tablets (2.5 mg, one at onset of HA), Neurontin, Robaxin (750mg, 1-2 po q 8 hours prn ms spasm), Trazadone (50mg, 1-2 tabs qhs prn sleep) and intermittent vitamin D3 and iron supplements. She had a longstanding use of 1-2 small glasses of wine per night and her neurological exam was normal.

As her lab results returned, she became more distressed because now she had difficulty writing, forgetting how to spell and even how to write out words. She also reported shaking if she didn’t eat regularly.

After performing micronutrient testing on her it revealed deficiencies in vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B12, serine, insulin and chromium. She had room to improve with selenium, vitamin E and glutathione to help her antioxidant function.

Based upon her deficiencies I recommended the following treatment:

1) Multiple B vitamins from Prothera and an additional Thiamine supplement

2) Benfotiamine from Prothera – designed for better fat absorption

3) 200 mcg of Chromium Picolinate before two meals

4) 200 mcg of Selenium Methionate

5) Vitamin E mixed tocopherols

6) Reduce alcohol intake

As of yesterday, she has no more memory problems and no further low blood sugar symptoms. The physician believes the memory issues were due to the low thiamine possibly made worse with hypoglycemia. Her symptoms of hypoglycemia were likely due to low chromium levels. Had her physician not found the correctable nutritional deficiencies to explain her symptoms with the micronutrient testing, she would likely still have symptoms that worsened and be undergoing expensive specialist exams and testing.

She is overjoyed with the results so far.

Overall, her response was dramatic.

Don’t wait for crisis to hit.

I took on a new client about 6 weeks ago.
Her symptoms were constant headaches nausea ,dizziness, constant diarrhea and insomnia. So after a few months of testing and doctors being stumped as to what was wrong with her we finally figured it out. In the ceiling of her apartment was a large transformer for the entire building that she lived in. It was the EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) that were making her sick. Once the building relocated the transformer all her symptoms went away.
Your environment plays a huge role in your health. Don’t take it lightly.
Have an awesome day everyone.
A 60 year young women comes to me about 3 months ago with diarrhea and bad allergies.
She has constant sneezing and congestion, took allergy medications for a number of years. She has also had diarrhea off and on for years. Her colonoscopy and stool studies have all been normal. She was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. She was always tired and had no energy, even though she got plenty of sleep. She was also diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and reflux. The Medications she was prescribed included Premarin, HCTZ, Singulair, Allegra, Nexium, Tricor, Lotrel and Librax. After performing a micronutrient test it was apparent that her Bs and Fit D were very low as well as some other antioxidants. Based upon her deficiencies, I personalized a supplement and menu treatment protocol:
After just 1 month she started feeling better from being on supplements. She no longer has diarrhea and her allergies are under control. The women feels great and is more energized than she has been in a long time. Her physician repeated her nutritional testing and results were normal.
Conclusion: This is one example of disease that has done well with alternative therapy. Her physician believes she would still be seeing her gastroenterologist all of these years with symptoms of diarrhea and no amount of testing could help her. She had also been seeing her allergist who had her numerous medications which never resolved her symptoms. This has given the women a new lease on life.
Don’t just accept the diagnosis, question it and find the right person who will pursue alternative avenues when posable. In box me for my availability for consults. I do everything via phone which is why I have clients all over the world.
A client comes to me about his son who had severe ADHD. Here is his story:
“He was a mess! He couldn’t focus, sit still or concentrate. His teacher was very adamant that he “get help” and indirectly insisted that I put him on a medication. She would even send him home. He was developing ticks, losing weight and even getting emotionally unstable. No way was I going to put drugs in his body, but what could I do? Then, one day, I heard of a man who was very knowledgeable in health and nutrition. I was told incredible stories about him. I contacted him about my six year old son. He pointed out that even though I was feeding him healthy food, his body was missing certain enzymes and depleted of certain nutrients. He explained that certain pathways were blocked in his body preventing the absorption of nutrients. He was allergic to food coloring and chemicals in food. We got him on chlorophyll, high potency vitamins, minerals and antioxidant liquid supplement. Detox herbs to help his body get the the chemicals cleaned out. 3 weeks later, he was relaxed, focused and gaining weight. He stayed centered. His teacher was amazed. He went from failing to A’s! He eventually stayed on chlorophyll and the natural supplements and avoided the junk food. He feels much better and sleeps better too. He’s going on 12 now and is very successful in school and in life. Thank you Doug Caporrino for coming into our lives.”
Yes I had tears in my eyes when reading this. Life is good.
Have a great day!!!!
This client came to me in May of this year. He had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for the past five years. The anxiety would occur throughout the day and he would even wake with anxiety in the middle of the night. His physician had prescribed Xanax, but my client was reluctant to begin this medication. He also complained of severe fatigue throughout the day, which was worse in the afternoon. Due to hypercholesterolemia, he had been
taking Pravachol for the past 5 years. I performed a MicroNutrient test and it revealed functional deficiencies of magnesium,
chromium, zinc, coq10, vitamin B6, and inositol. Based upon these deficiencies, I gave him the following daily nutritional supplement protocol:

1) 400 mg of magnesium in the form of magnesium glycinate
2) 200 mcg of chromium picolinate
3) 25 mg of zinc gluconate
4) 200 mg of CoQ10
5) 100 mg of vitamin B6 in the activated form of pyridoxal 5’-phosphate
6) 12 grams of powdered inositol
In addition to targeting his function deficiencies, I prescribed 200mg of L-theanine BID. Foods high in deficient nutrients were reviewed. I detoxed him from all sources of caffeine. I gave him an easy to follow menu to assist him in maintaining
a steady level of blood glucose throughout the day. This included staying off ‘white’ foods, (e.g. white potatoes, white rice, white flour, white sugar, white bread).
My follow up was performed six months later.
All deficiencies were resolved. The only nutrients that were still found deficient were CoQ10 and chromium. The dosages of these nutrients were increased. He felt much more relaxed and less anxious.
His panic attacks had become less frequent. There had also been a drastic improvement in his energy levels. He was sleeping like a baby at night and started living the life he was meant to live.

Hi Doug
I just wanted to send YOU this note.
Just wanted to say I am going on a little over two months of working with you and already I am a changed person. First my diet is so different, I love it, and the vitamins you have directed me to take due to my health history and results of your blood work all agree with me. I have lost these nagging 8 pounds that I have been trying to lose for years! On this small frame, that is hugh! . I feel great! I am no longer taking the omeprazole but drinking the vinegar and water. Seems to be working. I had a test you recommended and the report was good. I just met with a specialist who has been following two cysts on my one remaining ovary. The ultrasound report in his words “is quite remarkable” for they are both resolved and gone. Is this from all we are doing? I have to believe it is!!!
First I thank God ….then I thank God for putting you on my path. Thank you Doug for hearing me and helping me to be a better me. Your positivity is infectious. I look forward to my next blood work with you in a couple months hoping for more positive news!

Tears of Joy:
Where do I even begin? Four months ago my dear friend suggested I get in touch with Doug Caporrino after the medical community basically said we can’t help you any further.
I came down with Covid 1 1/2 years ago, on top of dealing with MS, RA, debilitating pain, where I could hardly get out of bed most days and insomnia for years.
I was told I had long covid and that there was nothing they could do for me. It was exacerbating my other health problems which just added insult to injury.
I was at my wits end when I had my first phone consult with this man.
His carrying nature and inquisitive mind asked questions about my life that no MD bothered to ask nor did I think mattered. He explained
that being in the beauty industry for years that I might have been exposed to some caustic chemicals which could have been causing
my symptoms.
After a battery of blood tests, he discovered multiple nutrient depletions, increased inflammatory markers and gut
imbalances that I never even knew existed. He changed everything, from my menus, added nutrients to custom detoxes
he created just for me.
I must admit I was doubtful coming to him, but he helped with my thought process as well.
I know it’s only been four months but I am off of several meds that I was on and feeling like a new women. He doesn’t think I have MS
either and I believe him. He is doing a few more tests to see if my exposer to the chemicals in the products I used for so many years
mimicked the symptoms of MS. I have never been a women of strong faith but God brought me to this man and I am a women of
faith now and a true believer that there are people who care out there.
Thank you Doug Caporrino, I will forever be grateful for how you are helping me.
Your forever client,

Michele B

Good Morning Sunita….
I saved this email and didn’t want you to think I ignored it. Just had to sit and gather thoughts through the last 10 months of my journey…
Just print from here please:
Dear Doug,

Where to begin and keep this somewhat short for me is a task in itself as you know me probably better then most which is such a powerful statement because we have never met (yet… as I keep threatening you)
I remember 10 months ago having our phone interview and me telling … you- of all people …
I know how to eat healthy, been doing it for years!! I eat chicken and more chicken any which way & sometimes couple times a day. I take all the proper vitamins.. 11 at the moment.. I got this been doing it since my 20’s!
Immediately without testing because of the amount of chicken I consumed daily on week 1… you mention no chicken without even testing, stop all
WELL… what was I supposed to eat and no vitamins???
A panic button went off but come to find out drop a few pounds first week. Needless to say, I was intrigued and it was similar to having someone at hello!
It’s true I may not have underlying diseases or health issues to the magnitude you continue to work with but for me it was my own disease. I knew myself and body to know something is just not chemically working.
I am astounded daily by your knowledge and forever grateful for having you as my nutritionist, however it is more than that.
I didn’t realize that you would also be a mentor, friend, therapist, teacher (to name a few) all wrapped up in one not to mention the extension of helping family and making sure EVERYONE stays healthy in my circle. My mom has nick- named you Dr. Doug and it’s certainly the truth.
The world should live daily by your Gospel of words and knowledge. Your positive outlook is so contagious and to know you makes me want to be a better person.
I thank you for all your work thus far and can’t wait to see what the road ahead shows as I am in such a better mindset then months ago.
I want to thank you for never giving up on me, tweaking issues along the way to help me find the best version of me!! Crazy to think … you know me better than I know myself!! Looking forward to future blood work to see even more tweaks.
I find myself sharing your story daily and have loved ones coming to me asking for advice just knowing that I am learning from ……….THE BEST THERE IS!!!

Get tested!!! Don’t have any doubts!

Blessed to know you, thankful God kept you here and I am and always was one who said “Everyone crosses your path for a reason” Thank you for crossing mine!

Have an Awesome Day!!!!


“I never realized how much I didn’t know until I knew. Thanks to your monthly audio magazine I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I could have never read all the research articles that you cover and more importantly I would have no idea where to find them.” Thank you Doug

Lisa Romely, HomeMaker

“I never realized how much I didn’t know until I knew. Thanks to your monthly audio magazine I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I could have never read all the research articles that you cover and more importantly I would have no idea where to find them.” Thank you Doug

Lisa Romely, HomeMaker

“I never realized how much I didn’t know until I knew. Thanks to your monthly audio magazine I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I could have never read all the research articles that you cover and more importantly I would have no idea where to find them.” Thank you Doug

Lisa Romely, HomeMaker
There are some people who are exceptional in their field of study and Doug is one of those people. My recent consultation was filled with fascinating information, guidance and inspiration to assist me on my health journey.
I feel like I have both a mentor and ally as I continue to learn about food and nutrition as medicine.
What a safe and fabulous feeling to have Doug as a wise and passionate professional to guide me!
I am filled with gratitude and respect.
Thank you so much Doug! You are an ambassador for health and wellness and I cherish you.